The PRISM is the original earring design that our founder Thomas made for his wife on their 10th Anniversary because the traditional gift for ten is tin.  It helped start Canned Goods. It has a beautifully understated design, but definitely has a hint of glam. For reference, the card it is on is 3" x 5". PRISM-L is 2.5" long and .5" wide. Looking from top or bottom it is triangular. From the side it has three flat facings. Hangs from a Sterling Silver wire. All edges have been meticulously ground and sanded for your continued enjoyment. Any "imperfections" are considered design elements that remain intentionally to enhance the character of the piece.

  • Care, Feedback, More Information

    Care for your Tin Can Glam just like you would any other favorite handmade jewelry piece. If it becomes wet, dry it promptly.  They're pretty sturdy, but being fairly gentle with them is recommended.  To give them a new shine, just get a bit of moisture on them, like a deep long breath, then buff them on denim or other coarsely textured fabric.


    We're sure you will be happy with our workmanship but if you have an issue please don't hesitate to contact us before you leave neutral or negative feedback.


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    We love to collaborate and make custom pieces.  Reach out and ask.


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