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CANNED GOODS repurposes tin food cans into glamorous products you want and then gives one can of food to charity for each item purchased...

Our give back is called our CAN DO GOOD program.


We amaze our clients by creating the unexpected out of an ordinary, familiar and often discarded piece of household metal.


Simple, bold, modern, classic, handmade goods from upcycled tin food cans.


CANNED GOODS is headquartered and handcrafts all of its designs in Denver, Colorado. 


Doing GOOD one CAN at a time.



With each CANNED GOODS design, our intention is to be a physical reminder to its keeper that...




We CAN DO GOOD Together.


This all started in June of 2013 for Thomas Paul Althaus. Well, way before that, but that’s a longer story…ask his Mother. Anyway, he and his wife were to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. They agreed, "No gifts, let's get away!" He just couldn’t allow this “no gift” thing to happen. He found that the traditional gift for 10 years of marriage is Tin. So he looked out there for gifts made out of Tin. Nothing he saw spoke to him or deserved the honor it would have…to adorn his amazing wife. So he thought, "I’ll make something...hmmm?" He was preparing dinner one night, emptied a can of something, and thought, “Hmmmm!” He washed it out, took the label off and took it to the garage. He cut. He hammered. He bent. He sanded. A pair of earrings and a bracelet appeared. She loved them. She woke the next morning and said, "CANNED GOODS." He said, "What?!? A business?"  Time went on - She kept wearing them, received many compliments, more and more people asked for some. So he and his wife decided, "Let's do this!"  They worked on the stories, the concept, the plan and then pitched it to the first retailer and product hit the retail floor later that year.  


Since then, we've been able to do a lot of GOOD... Together.

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